Haikou to Sanya in 80 minutes

Over the last decade, Hainan has made a name for itself as a hub for modernity and development with everything from man-made islands and 7-star hotels to Space centres and marine research parks. As of late 2010, the island added another star attraction to its list: a high-speed across country bullet See more details

Modernity meets tradition

At the southernmost point of China, a coastal city lies facing the emerald waters of the South China Sea. Ancient Persian tombs along the coast tell of the 10,000-year history of this city, spanning dynasties and periods of occupation by everything Buddhist missionaries and the Japanese navy. Nickn See more details

Hainan’s tropical Tour de France

All heads were turned to France in July this year as the world watched cyclists from all over tackle the grueling 3430.5 km Tour de France. 2011 marked the 98th year of the race that has made cycling a popular sport and that has inspired similar tour races around the world. See more details

Hainan’s relaxation remedies

Everyone needs a break sometimes, which is why we book holidays to tropical islands. Sometimes we just need to sit back in the sun, cocktail in hand, with nothing at all to do except perhaps to get a massage or go to a hot spring! See more details

Why Australians love Hainan

Australian travelers are known for their love of being outdoors and of living amongst the elements. Whether hiking up a mountain, surfing or simply relaxing in the sun by a beach, Australians look for outdoor experiences when choosing their ideal travel destinations, which explains the popularity of See more details

A rough guide to Ecotourism in Hainan

Until recent years, Hainan was a hidden paradise little known to the outside world. Now, however, the small tropical island that boasts the highest air quality in China and some of the world's cleanest cities is getting a lot more attention. From its emerald green waters and endless white, sandy bea See more details

Hainan’s healthy soil

Unless you're a farmer or grow your own veggies, you probably don't put too much thought into where your fruit and veg has come from, especially not to the contents of the soil where they where grown. If this is the case then you probably weren't aware that food grown in soil rich in selenium reple See more details

As fresh as it gets: food in Hainan

China's tropical island province in the South China Sea is known for many things, from sunny, empty beaches to bustling modern cities. But one thing that you just cannot escape when you wander through the streets of any city or town on the island are the smells of freshly cooked food wafting through See more details

Hainan and the ‘Everest of Sailing’

In exciting news for China's tropical island province, Hainan Island has been designated as the Asian stopover port for the 2011-2012 Volvo Ocean Race. The announcement was made on Friday May 20 by the State General Administration of Sport and Sanya Municipal Government in a press conference in Beij See more details

Surf, sail and cycle

Six months into the year, 2011 is already proving to be the biggest year that China's tropical island province has seen in terms of international sporting competitions. Chances are there will be an exciting event on when you next visit Hainan, so grab your diary and take note as we map out various s See more details
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8 Reasons to Visit Hainan

Ya No Da Rainforest National Park

Eight is considered to be a lucky number in Chinese culture, (meaning rich), so we have prepared 8 reasons why Hainan will offer you a truly rich holiday experience.


An insight into the Ancient Li culture of Hainan

Li Pattern

The Li people are the largest indigenous group living on the Island of Hainan; they have been living on the island for over 3000 years, during which time they have imprinted an indelible human presence on the island that still thrives today.


Hainan - Towards 2015

Sunset in Hainan

With some of the most important and groundbreaking tourism projects currently in development in Hainan, it is poised to become an international landmark of tourism excellence.


hilton-sanya-resortHilton Sanya Resort & Spa - China's first Hilton Worldwide Resort
Commanding a prime location on a spectacular stretch of Yalong Bay coastline, the five-star Hilton Sanya Resort & Spa is China's first Hilton Worldwide Resort, nestled among tropical gardens ...

Featured Tour

featured_tour_ETTH8DStay at Hainan’s signature luxury resort - The Horizon Resort & Spa in Yalong Bay and enjoy unobstructed views of the South China Sea. Enliven your spirit with a lesson in Buddhist chanting at the Nanshan Monastery. Be dazzled by an array of cultural experiences, taste the delicious local cuisine ...

Our Favourites

Horizon Resort & Spa Yalong Bay

Horizon Resort & Spa sits middle of the Yalong Bay ...

Narada Resort & Spa Qixian Mount

An internationally renowned resort, it is the only five-star hotel ....

Nanshan Culture Zone & The Land's End

Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone, the largest Buddhism center in China ....

Wuzhizhou Island Excursion

Wuzhizhou Island, known as Pearl Island, located southwest of ...


Narada Resort & Spa Qixian Mount

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